Sandra Bernal If Sandra were starting over, she would again make architecture her chosen profession. She loves every challenge and is grateful to have been part of superb teams designing all types of projects from private country houses and estates to high rises and corporate projects for large, well-known companies. Email Phone 561.300.3278
Jose A Barrera A passionate outdoor enthusiast who enjoys camping, bikes, and all-around exploration. José is an avid traveler who has visited over 65 countries and six continents! In 2015 he dove the Great Barrier Reef and in 2014 climbed to Mount Everest’s Base Camp. Email Phone 561.300.3289
C. Glenn Bethel The proud dad of two daughters, they keep Glenn on his toes and motivated to be the best father he can be. Glenn credits his faith in God with keeping him energized to excel in parenting and life overall. His interests have never stopped expanding, but the things that remain constant include big dogs, road bike riding, Clemson football and snow skiing. Email Phone 561.300.3275
Angela Baena I believe in designing with the context, a building is part of the urban fabric. I feel inspiration from walking into historic cities and urban centers. I enjoy traveling, art, photography and cooking. I am lucky to have found my husband who enjoys the same interest. We have a beautiful blended family with three boys and an adopted shih tzu… all of that makes my life interesting and never boring! Email Phone 561.393.1782
Fabiana Possamai Fabiana relocated to south Florida upon completion of her post-professional studies and obtaining a Master of Advanced Architectural Design degree from the California College of the Arts’ Urban Works Agency in San Francisco. Email Phone 561.300.3287
Angela Holguin Angela balances her personal and professional life as a wife and proud mother of two children, Andrea, 22 and Santiago, 21 who are in college. Inspired by art and music, Angela has an open heart and eyes for art including paint and sculpture. She enjoys music and loves to sing Karaoke. Email Phone 561.300.3282
Tung Chui Tung joined the RLC family in 2016. Originally from Hong Kong, he immigrated to the United States and Florida in 2002. A licensed architect, Tung has been in the field since he was 21 and says without reservation that joining RLC Architects as a project designer is one of the best decisions he has made in life. Email Phone 561.300.3288
Pam Wood Pam loves working closely with decision-makers and change-makers, getting an understanding of what makes them tick, and then determining how to best assist them, which usually means being a step ahead, anticipating what they need before they even realize it. Staying uber-organized, having the ability to multi-task at all times, remaining calm under pressure, and always having the boss’ back and Bruce and Juan really love that about Pam. Email Phone 561.300.3286
Daniel Pleitez Originally from San Salvador, El Salvador, Daniel arrived in the United States at the age of 15. He cherishes his family and friends and considers himself an outdoorsman regardless of the temperature. Daniel is an adrenaline junkie and enjoys a good hike in the mountains or walk up a volcano and the opportunity to behold a waterfall and appreciate all of the beauty that is nature. Email Phone 561.300.3280
Benson Ellis As the saying goes, “all work and no play makes Benson a dull boy” so he has many interests beyond his professional life. The journey previously mentioned sometimes requires an occasional pit stop at a soccer field where Benson has been known to score a goal or two. On weekends, he can be found cheering on the Ellis clan as they compete in their dad’s favorite sport. Whenever the opportunity presents itself Benson enjoys mentoring youth and sharing his zest for life and life experiences. Email Phone 561.300.3277
Carlo S. Mendoza A dedicated professional, Carlo was born in the Philippines and came to the United States when he was seven years old. His family (dad, mom and older brother) moved around before settling in Florida. Moving from place to place as a child provided Carlo with an open mind towards everything and instilled to never take anything in life for granted, as everything is a gift. Email Phone 561.300.3276
Mark Brodnick On a personal note, in 2016, Mark and his wife Lisa celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary island hopping in Hawaii. Lisa is a registered nurse at Palms West Hospital in Loxahatchee. They have two children Samantha, 22 and Jacob, 18. Mark and Lisa enjoy spending their free time on the water whether it be on the boat, jet skis or kayaks. Devoted parents, they were involved with the kids’ activities and school sports during their years at The King’s Academy. A classic car enthusiast, Mark is a regular at local car shows. Mark and his family attend Family Church in downtown West Palm Beach. Email Phone 561.300.3274
Maureen Gardiner I have enjoyed watching the firm grow and change over the decades and I especially enjoy working with such talented principals and young architects. Email Phone 561.300.3273
Bruce Retzsch A graduate of the University of Illinois, Bruce holds a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies and a Master of Architecture in Urban Design. He spent his senior year at L’Unite Pedegogique 3 in Versailles, France, where he gained an education unrelated to his university studies. Email Phone 561.300.3270
Juan Caycedo A native of Colombia, Juan is an international traveler who has drawn inspiration from the many countries and cities that he has visited including Beijing, Shanghai, Chicago, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Dubrovnik, Istanbul and many others. Juan enjoys a full life outside of architecture where reading and writing poetry and listening to music accompanied by a good glass of wine or whiskey bring him great joy. Email Phone 561.300.3272